You Name It. You Can Edit It.

Customize animations, logos, and even entire videos — in seconds.


Add Studio Effects Like A Pro

From subtle to jaw-dropping, Video Animation Guy gives you a huge range of studio-quality effects to give your creations that superstar shine you’ve always wanted.

With lens flares, light effects, film grain, blockbuster-style grading and more – nobody will believe you edited it yourself.


Add Information Without Distracting Your Viewers

Lower thirds are tricky little things. They need to be easy to read, and give more context to your videos without distracting your audience (or boring them to tears).

You can easily create lower thirds that look good, boost your authority, and engage viewers as they watch the main content.


Overlay iPhone, Skype, And Social Messages Onto Your Videos

Companies spend millions of dollars on these effects. But you don’t have to.

Our transparency technology lets you overlay floating social animations at any point in your videos, so you can grab people’s attention at just the right moment.


Say Goodbye To Cheesy Scene Changes

Some video editors give you clunky transition effects that are straight out of 1983. We don’t.

With Video Animation Guy, you simply select, point, and click to get seamless, modern scene changes that would make Spielberg proud.


Take All Your Animations To The Next Level

Leave your competitors in the dust with the built-in transparency technology.

No other tool has this level of power to make marketing videos look so incredible.

Video Animation Guy Makes Customization
Mind-Bendingly Fast And Simple


Embrace your inner typography geek with a huge collection of visually pleasing fonts.


Save hours of time wondering if those colors look good. Simply click the colors that match your brand, and let us do the rest.


Swap, crop, and chop your way to irresistible images with professional studio tools inside your dashboard.


Every great movie has a great soundtrack. All templates have custom-created audio to showcase your content.

Build Your Brand with Video Animation Guy